World Record attempt in Perth

Perth Bridge

We know that Perth is a little far away from just about all of us but for the few readers living in the great West we have a treat from the Perth Adult LEGO Society. Please head along if you’re in the region.

World Record Lego Bridge Attempt

The Perth Adult Lego Society (PALS) will have a Lego train display running at the 2009 Australian Model Railway Expo at the Claremont Showgrounds, Perth, Western Australia. The show runs from Saturday 30th May to Monday 1st June.

Part of the display will be a 14m long self-supporting Lego bridge. Come along and see if it will support itself and hopefully set a world record!

See a sneak preview of the bridge (and the layout) here:

Email Chris on chris.kingslynne(AT) for more info.


4 comments on “World Record attempt in Perth

  1. TJ Avery

    Very cool. Thanks for the update. I saw this on Lugnet recently, but there wasn’t any info the length. Keep us posted on their progress!

  2. chriskl

    Well, it did stand up for a while under its own weight. It was an extremely risky thing to get standing! We have now attached a couple of ropes to the top of it to prevent it toppling onto the crowd.

    I’ll send through some photos soon…


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