Microfigures for the upcoming LEGO board games

LEGO has released an image of 18 microfigs for the upcoming board games to be first launched in Europe this August before hitting the rest of the world in 2010.

13 comments on “Microfigures for the upcoming LEGO board games

  1. the enigma that is badger

    Neat microfigs, but it’s been confirmed that these heads can’t fit the minifig torso, correct? As much as I love some of these designs, that’s disappointing given how nicely some of these designs could have been used in minifig MOCs.

  2. Nannan Post author

    It doesn’t seem like it, the studs on these heads appear bigger, which means the actual head is smaller.

  3. Apocalust

    Am I to understand that if the microfigures were to be fitted with minifig scale helmets, the helmets would look oversized?

  4. eti

    This would be one of the best innovations Lego ever made if the heads came off. With a regular minifig head on them, they make perfect toddlers. I was very enthousiastic about the games for this reason.

    Now that I know that they are single pieces, I basicall lost all interest.

  5. cjedwards47

    There are so many designs here that deserve to be made as real figs too! As dover said, it’s cruel.

  6. wunztwice

    So, would this be a goo place to recommend to our friendly neighborhood Ambassador that LEGO consider these are real figs too? Mayhaps as a fig pack?

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