Estuary Stronghold

After five months, Bryan (The Eggplant Wizard) has finally completed his Estuary Stronghold project, which is a tribute to Erik Brok and his Estuary Stronghold.

For more details and info, check out Bryan’s construction journals on this masterpiece.

6 comments on “Estuary Stronghold

  1. Aliencat

    Indeed, everything about this is just awesome. There’s so many great details, and the overall shape and appearance doesn’t suffer from it. Good presentation too. All in all an excellent creation, and I dare say one of the best Lego castles I’ve seen.

  2. Mark Kelso

    I’ve had the opportunity (through MOCpages) to watch Bryan progress on this, and it was terrific seeing it develop. The final result is beautiful, with amazing landscape techniques to go with terrific architectural work. Another one to save as a fav!

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