Amiga Wico Red Ball Joystick

Joris Blok gets all nostalgic with his latest creation, a replica of the famous Wico Red Ball controller for the Amiga.

LEGO Amiga Wico Red Ball

He also posted a 20th anniversary tribute to Nintendo’s GameBoy…

LEGO Nintendo GameBoy


4 comments on “Amiga Wico Red Ball Joystick

  1. Josh Post author

    @dover – I’m really not sure what point you are trying to make nor am I sure who’s parade you think you might be raining upon. I am aware of the Arvo Bros’ Gameboy. In fact, we blogged it when it was made, back in 2007.

    This the Gameboy’s 20th anniversary year. This particular creation was a tribute. The Arvos’ GB was better, but the Arvos’ stuff usually is. The point of this particular post was the Wico Controller. The GB was an aside.

  2. Josh Post author

    @dover – Yup. We blogged that when it was made, back in 2007. I’m not really sure where you are going. Can you explain?

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