One-Stud takes Castle by storm

Do you need a new bandwagon? I thought so. The Castle community isn’t known for fads. They just don’t happen very often, but this one has taken off and it cracks me up.

The idea is to build a scene with a footprint of one stud. It has to balance…that’s the key. Naturally everything built so far is Castle-related and a battle, but the idea can work with any theme or scene.

LEGO Castle One-Stud

This scene, by Dan Joosten, currently holds the record for most figs on one stud, with 55.

17 comments on “One-Stud takes Castle by storm

  1. Brickwares

    Not to be negative, but I don’t really understand this. The previous one was clever, a nice image with an interesting balance feature to it.

    This just seems like “doing for the sake of doing it”. It seems very cluttered, and apart from the being on one stud aspect, it’s confusing, and doesn’t seem to tell a story or make a point.

  2. gigahound


    You really don’t have to be SuperDuperAwesomeSauce with a H3vY ConC3Pt to participate in a fad. Honestly, you just need to want to do it for the sake of doing it to qualify. Awesomeness is a nice cherry on top.

  3. Opallix

    @Gigahound: I believe what Brickwares means is that he does not appreciate the blobbage of this, and I agree; while it is an interesting ‘fad’ and that this one holds the ‘record’, it seems far less a battle or scene than an impressive balancing of figures (which is cool in itself). It holds little meaning, and while I respect the decision of the blogger, I do not agree with it.

  4. Bundalings

    Does no once else agree that this is an amazing balancing act? Sure, it’s not as neat and logical as the one that started it, but balancing 55 figures on a single stud seems blog-worthy to me.

  5. The Ranger of Awesomeness

    Does anyone else think that the artist used clever photography and photoshopping to make it look like there’s no supports? I do. I agree that this really isn’t all that awesome, even though that is an insane amount of figs on one stud.

  6. Robin Hood

    Well I wasn’t going to toot my own horn and post here…but I feel I must in order to clear up some misunderstandings about my MOC.

    @Brickwares – You are quite right. I did this merely for the sake of doing it. I had no story to tell, or point to make. This was not built to be any kind of battle. I built this for the sole reason to see how many figs I could balance on one stud.

    I freely admit that this MOC is more than a bit ugly…and in future attemps I hope to have a more uniform look to things.

    @The Ranger of Awesomeness – It must be real clever photoshopping……because I don’t remember ever touching up the photos at all.

  7. The Ranger of Awesomeness

    Not what I meant. I mean they photoshopped out some clear supports and hid others with camera angles. :)

  8. The Ranger of Awesomeness

    That comment was meant to point at morgan’s comment.

    Robin — Kudos to you, then! :) I trust that you didn’t, but I sure would’ve! ;)

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