Render farm

Rendered stable by aellaron

Very few people render castle models and even fewer do it well. Aellaron is a rare and exciting exception. He even manages to put good minifig life in his scenes which is, from my experience, quite difficult.

2 comments on “Render farm

  1. Thanel

    The brick built chicken is particularly good as is the natural slope of the hill. Definitely right about the minifig life in all the postings.

  2. Aellaron

    Hi, I’m Aellaron the builder of that farm house. I’m very surprised and pleased that one of my creations is attractive enought to be mentioned here. I have to apologize that I react almost after a year, but I’m not that active in searching (I found this report just today when I was searching for some POV-Ray tips).

    You have mentioned minifig life, that’s something I like to add in scenes. When I’m adding them I know that everything else is built (forgotten gaps are filled, collisions solved, etc) so it’s just cherry on the cake for me.

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