Kotaku takes a first look at LEGO Battles, real-time strategy game for DS [News]

Although LEGO Battles for Nintendo DS was announced back in February, details so far have been sparse.

Kotaku had a five-minute look at the game yesterday and has some pre-release impressions.

LEGO Battles screenshot LEGO Battles screenshot

Stephen Totilo writes:

In traditional RTS fashion, the player draws a box around their Lego units and clicks on places for them to move to or attack. A pull-down menu enables the player to build to build appropriately-themed Lego structures: towers and factories and the like. There was no drag-and-drop Lego construction, but manual block-building hasn’t been much of a component of any of the recent Lego games.

Our speculation back in February that the images we had then were pre-rendered cutscenes and not real game-play turns out to be true. Oh well, not surprising.

LEGO Battles will be available in June.

6 comments on “Kotaku takes a first look at LEGO Battles, real-time strategy game for DS [News]

  1. Optimystic

    Hmm, I think I would want to look at the building side of things before deciding.

  2. menacingvitamin

    I own a DS and enjoy many fine games for the system and I have to be honest here: this is about the worst-looking game I’ve ever seen for the DS.

  3. polywen

    I thought they would at least use or expand upon the game engines they developed for Lego Star Wars and Lego Bat Man etc. But a RTS is just lame.

  4. Dillinger77


    Its a different developer unfortunately. The team that did LSW:CS, Indy and LBM are currently working on something else.

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