Izzo’s back – for now...

It’s been more than six months since Izzo has posted anything on his blog or to his Brickshelf gallery. For his return, Izzo put a lot of effort into his mecha, and it shows.

The mecha itself is awesome, with powerful shoulders and boost-jets on the legs, but I think the human story is more interesting here.

LEGO mecha by Izzo

Izzo runs an art gallery, and his work has taken nearly all his time in the last six months. Even though the urge to build something with LEGO kept nagging at the back of his mind, he never found the time. Work even took him to Denmark, but his schedule precluded a pilgrimage to LEGOLAND.

When he began this mecha, Izzo’s “muscle memory” helped him build, but he couldn’t remember where he’d stashed all the parts he needed. Now, Izzo’s not sure when he’ll be able to post something next.

We hope Izzo will find time to post more LEGO creations again soon, but his story is a good reminder that LEGO — as much enjoyment as we have with it — is just a hobby, after all, not real life. Our commitment is to our families, our work, and our real-life communities.

2 comments on “Izzo’s back – for now...

  1. Jacob

    Oh, he _runs_ the art gallery. Good for him!

    I’m considering downloading his entire gallery for future reference. The guy is easily one of the top ten builders ever.

  2. xXJackXx

    Izzo’s creations are amazing. Makes me wish I had more specific parts to create mecha.

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