LEGO Space 2009 teaser site launches; can LEGO sets be far behind? [News]

The new LEGO Space theme has been officially launched on We don’t normally blog something quite this information-free (heh heh), but I’m personally rather excited by this new theme, and it’s clear many of you out there who sent us the link feel the same.

LEGO Space Police teaser

Click the pic to watch the very brief trailer.

9 comments on “LEGO Space 2009 teaser site launches; can LEGO sets be far behind? [News]

  1. Jordan Bradford

    A couple years ago, either at BrickFest (DC) or BrickWorld — I can’t remember — I saw a presentation by a young LEGO designer whose name I have also forgotten.

    As part of his presentation he talked about creating new themes, and he showed a live-action video made at the LEGO headquarters. The video depicted the evil Dr. Squid taking control of the company and forcing Jørgen Vig Knudstorp to bring back unpopular LEGO themes like Galidor and Scala.

    The LEGO designer then showed his prototype minifig characters and one of them riding a “squid-ship.” Dr. Squid was a green minifig with a swirly yellow pattern on the torso who wore a red cape and had a weird Technic piece for a head. I got to keep one of his Dr. Squid minifigs for correctly answering a quiz question about the video.

    So, is that Dr. Squid running across the frame in this new Space theme trailer?

  2. russtiffer

    i saw what they are last month in an issue of Toyfare. the new sets look awesome. its cops and robbers in space. they are introducing some new alien minifigs. the main sets are hover cars done in a punk and police style. they come out in august and are going to be really cool. Toyfare has been pretty good about getting the news out on the lego front. anything to do with a movie and lego its in there.

  3. Jai

    Yep, Jordan, the squidman alien is basically a LEGO in-joke about that same Dr. Squid. I think that’s pretty awesome, just like the entire Space Police line. :)

  4. prothja1

    Just picked up the two mini sets in Switzerland (Biasca, Ticino to be more exact) . Must be a first, as I’ve never seen any sets out here before they’re available in the US!

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