Red doesn’t always mean stop

LEGO Red Light District

74louloute enacts all sorts of mayhem on some Wild West minifigs in this fantastic Red Light District diorama. Please zoom in and check out all the details. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

And in his words (slightly edited)

Formerly, the sherrif used to be the guarantor of the security and the peace in the city. Unfortunately, now he is totally outstripped… All he can do is watch the mess spread the city directed by women…

What’s not to love?

2 comments on “Red doesn’t always mean stop

  1. Thanel

    Putting the ‘A’ in AFOL. This is just great. Captures so many keen little moments.

  2. ry

    Dude in the barrel is my favorite new Lego character. That guy is getting a clone who is going to sit right here on my desk.

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