V&A Steamworks’ stovepipe hats make steampunk minifigs awesome [Review]

Guy Himber (V&A Steamworks) recently began applying his special effects artistry to his LEGO hobby by producing custom stovepipe hats.

LEGO Abraham Lincoln penny with custom stovepipe hat

The hats are like hilariously exaggerated versions of the official LEGO top hats, and are absolutely perfect for steampunk and Victorian fantasy minifigs.

LEGO steampunk minifigs with custom stovepipe hats

Guy was kind enough to send along a couple of the hats for us to review, and they’re made extremely well. I put one on a minifig and couldn’t stop laughing for five minutes.

The hats are beautifully machined from Delrin plastic and have that perfect “LEGO fit” — they slide onto the minifig’s head without effort, hold well, and come off easily with that satisfying “pop!” you expect from official LEGO headgear.

The V&A Steamworks Stovepipe Hat is currently available in brown, black, and white. Click the lineup photo above for pricing info and how to order.

(The Brothers Brick has a small backlog of custom accessories to review, including all the new BrickArms items, HAZEL’s accessories from CustomMinifig.co.uk, minifig stands from Minifig World, new accessories from Arealight, and more. Please bear with us as we get caught up.)

3 comments on “V&A Steamworks’ stovepipe hats make steampunk minifigs awesome [Review]

  1. Repoort

    I ordered some black ones last week and am totally going to make a Robot Lincoln!

  2. the enigma that is badger

    Thanks for the review! I’m (obviously) a big fan of custom accessories, and these are too cool to pass up now that you’ve let folks know of what a high quality they are.

    No Robot Lincoln, but I am considering a Mackie Messer!

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