PrimalBots are all growed up!

Rong Yiren has taken his iconic PrimalBots to the next level. Bigger, badder, and as Rong says, “more predator than prey”…this new bot is ready to kick it!

Primal Bot Lego Mech

6 comments on “PrimalBots are all growed up!

  1. Fred

    Lego should hire this guy or he should submit these as factory sets. He’s so damn effective at maintaining a theme and feel across scale and species. I love how even the “living” creatures have a similar construct.. it causes me to imagine the original bot creator being inspired by his surroundings. I would certainly buy sets of this quality.

  2. Thanel

    Ditto. Does an excellent job with the backdrop, lighting and photography too. Smooth.

  3. Will Thomas

    Yeah, Fred nailed it. They’re color-coordinated, complicated, poseable, and fun to look at. I’d buy one.

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