He’s got mad skillz

Veteran Classic Castle member, Micah Brown, has been drawing forum avatars for some time and they have quickly become sought-after favorites.

Affectionately known as Lord DOOM, Micah is all metal and heart. But besides being a great guy, his Lego-inspired artwork just keeps getting better and better.

He also does commissions, if you want your own custom avatar!

7 comments on “He’s got mad skillz

  1. Will Thomas

    Without reguarly looking at CC, I immediately knew who the middle-left and top-right avatars belong to. And these are awesome drawings.

  2. armothe

    Be sure to check out LD’s entry in the BrickForge Minifig Art contest. While you’re there check out some of the other contestants or enter one of your own!

  3. Remyth

    Yes he does!

    Micah is a great guy. He hooked me up with my own avatar (middle row, third avatar) a while ago and I love it.

    Thanks again Micah!

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