Star Cruiser Benevolence and Battleship Azuker by Steef de Prouw

Steef de Prouw recently joined MOCpages and posted this huge white spaceship, a large luxury cruiser called Benevolence.

The large white dishes on each side of the ship are apparently “used frequently to scan for missing passengers, who didn’t return from their shopping trips.” Ha! Excellent.

Thanks for the tip, David B!

UPDATE: Steef has just added an even cooler mega-ship, the USS Azuker (“LL-813 class battlecruiser”):

LL-813 battlecruiser

3 comments on “Star Cruiser Benevolence and Battleship Azuker by Steef de Prouw

  1. mediocre

    Whoah, Steef here. I’ve been following this site for quite some time. I can tell you it’s a very nice surprise to be featured here on the very day I signed up on MOCpages and posted my first stuff on there ;-)

    I didn’t even deem my stuff TBB-worthy at first.
    Really makes me want to build and post more.

  2. mediocre

    @Legoloverman, heh cheers man! But I am already very much on Flickr ( , you’ve probably seen me in your comments).
    The reason I’m not posting LEGO MOCs on there is that I want to keep my stuff separated. Thought about getting a second Flickr account for a while, but I just can’t be arsed loging out and in again all the time :)

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