Motorized LEGO Mech by Shawn Snyder

Shawn Snyder may not be as prolific as some of the builders we feature frequently, but each of his LEGO creations is no less blogworthy. Shawn’s latest mech is 16 inches tall and includes a motor to make it move around.

Watch the video here:

5 comments on “Motorized LEGO Mech by Shawn Snyder

  1. Kahan

    Wow, that has some very cool features, I love how the covers open up and the missiles shoot out. I thought it would walk though from the description. Still amazing though.

  2. peterlmorris

    That is REALLY amazing! I love how massive it is, and those moving features are top-notch, especially the elevator part in the rear. Dang fine mech.

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