Elm Castle lurks deep in gearcs’s woods

Elm castle

The Forestmen were always the “good guys” for me back in the 1980’s, allies of the Crusaders against the Black Falcons. I’m not sure how gearcs feels about that alliance, but “Elm Castle” — the seat of a knight named Sir Roland — includes excellent examples of half-timber LEGO construction integrated into the grey stone, along with complete landscaping and a full interior.

Check out more pictures of Elm Castle on Brickshelf, along with many other LEGO Castle creations in gearcs’s Brickshelf gallery.

Thanks to reader greenglo for the suggestion!

9 comments on “Elm Castle lurks deep in gearcs’s woods

  1. ColourSchemer

    Why do so many castle builders still use Brickshelf. Come to the Flickr side, we have tags and comments.

  2. Andrew Post author

    ^ Sounds like an excellent question to bring up in the comments on How to get blogged on TBB. ;-) I would never have seen this if a reader hadn’t suggested this, even though I do subscribe to Peeron’s feed of recent Brickshelf folders…

  3. ColourSchemer


    What is the proper method for directing the TBB authors to a potential MOC. I do sometimes peruse the less handsome LEGO websites, like Brickshelf, and would only want to use proper channels to flood you guys with other people’s creations to blog. (See my addendum on How to get blogged on TBB)

  4. Fred

    I still like brickshelf better -because it doesn’t have (misleading) tags and (sometimes cruel, negative) comments.

    Plus its 100% Lego. Less searching, less family photos mixed in. I check out Brickshelf everyday and I would be sad to see it go (again).

    Aaanyway I love the castle. Nice rock formations!

  5. Thanel

    Super-kean castle and well incorporated into an interesting environment. Nice thick walls and good defensive features. Despite that, forestmen are mere bandits who need to submit to the authority of the Black Falcons.

  6. greenglo

    @ Thanel: I’m sorry to break it to you my friend, but the fact the forestmen never had a castle or fortification of this type, doesn’t mean they couldn’t have had one. I would like to reiterate this is a MOC; meaning the creators own vision and interpretation of a Lego theme. Remember we are all free to use our … IMAGINATION… *makes rainbow motion of hand*.

    I would also like to say that I believe Brickshelf is an indispensably interesting repository of Lego creations, that is very blog-worthy. Like Fred I would be sad to stop seeing these creations on this Blog.

    Great MOC, great blog, and good night!
    Oh, and thanks for the plug Andrew!

  7. Andrew Post author

    ^ I feel obligated to point out that Thanel may in fact be related to a certain TBB blogger, and is thus allowed considerable snarkitude.

    @Thanel: If I remember correctly, my superior numbers and tactics led to inevitable routs for your inferior forces. Ah, good times… Did you know that there’s this thing called BrikWars now with actual rules for the sort of chaos we inflicted on our respective armies?

  8. Thanel

    My big bro protects my (non-existent) virtue, but has selective memory about what really went down. The snarkitude is directed at family not builders and is therefore mandated by natural law.

    Main thing is: nice build.

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