XR79 Biomechanoid

We don’t blog enough Bionicle creations, but that doesn’t mean that good ones aren’t out there. Check out this robotic horror by JP-54 for the BBC #53 contest. The creation exploits the diversity and biomechanical form of Bionicle pieces to create the perfect texture for a terror-inspiring monster.

3 comments on “XR79 Biomechanoid

  1. Dr. X

    Nice! The head is awesome.

    I’m a spacer and really no expert on Bionicle, but sometimes I think building Bionicle (building it truly well) takes more ingenuity than building in SYSTEM. It just looks so darn complicated… getting Bionicle to look this good must take some serious thinking. I’m always awed when I see a really cool Bionicle MOC.

  2. Primus

    This is definately my favorite entry for this contest. Glad to see you guys blogging some Bionicle MOCs!

  3. Benjamin P

    Wow, that thing is creepy.
    I hope those canisters on his back are big enough for LEGO to like.
    An excellent entry.

    @Dr. X: yes, there are certainly plenty of hard parts about being a Bionicle builder as well as a System builder. :)

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