Johnny’s Gunship

There have been a lot of really great starfighters posted online lately, and this one by Johnny (Dr. X) is certainly no exception. One thing that does make it different, is that it’s not an entry for the “Show us what you got” contest over on flickr, for which I am a judge. I’ve been trying not to show any bias by blogging about entries, which has been rather frustrating. I was glad to see this ship, which is pretty cool, wasn’t an entry for the contest (he already entered something in the contest).

Baxis PUMP-9i

There’s a neat explanation for the fins that pop open on the side of the ship, revealing a radar array, that has a clever realism to it that I like. More importantly, though, it just looks cool, it reminds me a of a cobra fanning its hood.

2 comments on “Johnny’s Gunship

  1. Emigre

    awesome spacecraft, good job done there. reminds me of slave 1 but is still totally original and cool.

  2. worker201

    Nothing quite as wonderful as building a blog-worthy ship after you’ve already entered the contest. If Dr. X isn’t dehydrating from his own bitter tears, he’s a Real Asset To The Community.

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