Neo Classic Space Roundup #2

The 30th anniversary celebration of Classic Space continues over on the Neo Classic Space website.

Pete Reid built a design by nnenn for the collaborative LL-989 Wildfire:

nnenn himself pits a pair of Heavy Interceptors and a Troop Support Sled against an alien species known as the Ugokin:

Heavy Interceptors and Ugokin Gunboat Ugokin Cloaker and Troop Support Sled

Ian Grieg captures the essence of 891 Two Seater Space Scooter with his LL-892 Skimmer, while I paid homage to 886 Space Buggy with my LL-997 “Craterbuster” rover:

LL-892 Skimmer LL-997 Craterbuster rover

Mark Kupietz builds vertically for LL-938 Supply Ship:

Keep an eye on throughout the rest of the month for even more great creations inspired by vintage LEGO Space sets.

2 comments on “Neo Classic Space Roundup #2

  1. Kaitimar

    Heavy interceptors? Ugokin gunboat? And there I thought Classic Space was about peaceful exploration of space…

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