Orion II Mecha

Orion II MechaPaul Meissner (Legosamurai) has built a cool new mecha. He’s done a lot of really cool detail work here, like the boosters on the legs and back, and the reserved use of stickers and decorated tiles. I absolutely love the head, it’s a perfect part choice. It even opens to accommodate a fig, but still has an awesome bulbous shape that looks armored and ready for space. I don’t know what the big rod sticking out from the back is, but I assume that there’s some explanation I would understand if I watched Gundam or something.

4 comments on “Orion II Mecha

  1. Melfice

    I have no idea what the rod is for either (in this context), but if Armored Core: For Answer has taught me anything, it might be some sort of stabilizer.

  2. Cyclonusloopy

    It looks like the Female version of a Cyclone in Robotech new generation.
    That is really cool

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