Shannonia the expansive

Shannon Young won the “Best in Micro” award at BrickCon this past October, and he recently (finally!) began uploading detailed photos to the City of Shannonia Visitors’ Center on MOCpages.

In addition to the downtown core he began with nearly two years ago, Shannon has added a coastline, landscaping, and outlying suburbs.

6 comments on “Shannonia the expansive

  1. Herman

    This looks awesome. I’m pretty sure I’m going to try some of this for myself, it can pose as a distant skyline for my exising town.

  2. Benjamin P

    Wait…”Shannon” is a guy?

    But seriously, I have been loving watching the micro-town be built and expand. Very inspiring for me to want to do something myself, actually. Keep it up!

  3. Shannon Young

    So it took me finally posting the latest Shannonia expansion to finally make it back onto the Brothers Brick! Now I know what the people want.

    Sad to say, it probably won’t expand again for quite a while… it’s the economy, stupid.

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