Knowing is half the battle

Wow, these sure brought back some memories. Back in the day, I was a big GI Joe fan. These recreations by Alexander Schranz are spot on. Click on the picture and scroll down. There’s a lot of awesome GI goodness there. I always liked the bad guys best though. Cobra!

Great job, Alex! Thanks for pointing these out to us.

6 comments on “Knowing is half the battle

  1. strider_mt2k

    Oh that is a great idea!

    It does remind me of the old PSA parodies on YouTube however.
    (Check them out with caution, as some have bad language.)

    “Stop all the downloadin’…”

  2. EJ Nichols

    Hells ya! Cobra rocked! I’m a sucker for G.I. Joe man. A G.I. Joe license for Lego would be the bee’s knees, if just for the minifigs. God! I want a Shipwreck. I’d wager there would be some serious fan support of a G.I. Joe license, and I’m not talking about that Mega Blok crap from a few years back or whatever, and I’m not suggesting a tie-in with the upcoming movie (looks terrible *cough*). I mean the vehicles and characters from the 80’s, when G.I. Joe was the hottest thing out there.

    I like these MOCs, I just wish Alexander Schranz had a Flickr account so I didn’t have to keep going back a page to see the next picture. (hint, hint)

  3. Jai

    Wow, Storm Shadow’s combination of Clone Wars head and ninja hood is much creepier than I would have expected.

    Great stuff!

  4. Nathan Wells

    I think it just shows the depth of the cultural influence of G.I. Joe that I immediately heard the tune “GEE AAYYEE JOOOOOOOOOOE!!” in my head when I saw these creations, even though I’ve never seen a episode or played with G.I. Joe when growing up.

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