Let’s find a happy place

Benlego has created a little piece of paradise, and it, like everywhere else, needs mowed.

This diminutive scene is crammed full of incredible details! To begin with, check out the roof and the lawn-mower…

5 comments on “Let’s find a happy place

  1. joedapoboy

    The roof: lego fudge-pops? I dont have any, but after looking for half a minute that’s the only piece that seems like it could be…

  2. Dezperado

    “needs TO BE mowed”
    “needs mowing”

    I’m sorry, I have issues with editing everything I read. >_<

  3. Marc Nelson Jr.

    Neat lawnmower!

    Dezperado – the “missing infinitive” is a common usage in many parts of the US. I know, because I just moved to one of them – and it still sounds funny to me, too!

  4. strider_mt2k

    My blood pressure dropped a couple of points just staring at it and thinking of working in my own back yard/garden.

    Sweet. :)

  5. IanxIntrospect

    I’m digging the push mower…
    Marc, there is no excuse for we americans bad grammar.

    Around my school everyone says “where is this at” and it annoys the hell out of me.

    anyway…how does he get that robot claw to stick to the goggles..those are pod racer goggles right?

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