I can’t believe it’s not Brian!

Mark Kelso‘s most recent creation imitates the bulky armored mechs by Brian Kescenovitz. This walking tank of destruction features folding missle pods in addition to its primary blasters. There are some great details to check out in the full gallery on MOCpages.

3 comments on “I can’t believe it’s not Brian!

  1. dshaddix

    You think its Brian, and its not. …Now we have a choice! I hear this mech is also a great source of Omega 3 and has no cholesterol. Leave it up to Mark to put Fabio to shame.

    …a special thanks to Nannan and his astute titling abilities which allowed me to shamelessly smack talk Kelso’s mech AND a healthy alternative to butter! Awesome work!!!

  2. Tagl

    This is quite huge! How did you manage the weight?
    I’d like to see the legs and feet joints :-)
    They are covered so fantastic. This is one of the best assault mecha I’ve ever seen.

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