Frakking skinjobs!

Just in time for the premiere of the new (theoretically final) season of Battlestar Galactica, Ochre Jelly treats us to a batch of miniland-scale characters from the show, including Six, a toaster, and Baltar:

But my favorite is the cigar-chomping Starbuck:

Check out all of Ochre Jelly’s Battlestar Galactica creations on MOCpages while you watch BSG tonight.

And in case you missed it last week, OJ’s teaser trailer:

11 comments on “Frakking skinjobs!

  1. David4

    Theoretically final season? Umm…. it is the final season, it’s done, bye-bye, in 9 episodes…. then there is prequelish movie. :)

  2. Josh

    @David4 – Theoretically 1980 was the final season. They say this is the final season now. Doesn’t really mean anything does it? :)

  3. David4

    Yeah it means it’s the final season. BSG 1980 isn’t even considered canon by the creator of BSG, so it’s not really the final season of anything. It’s kind of a bastard spinoff version of BSG, but not really. lol

    This is it, MAYBE there will be more movies to milk the franchise, but Sci-fi wouldn’t give Moore two seasons upfront so he desided to end it.

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