Me-109 Fighter Plane

Tyler “Legohaulic” Clites, one of the most frequently blogged builders on TBB, has done it again with his Me-109 fighter plane.  According to Tyler, it has a functional tail, angled wings and 131 cheese slopes in four different colors.  Now that’s impressive.


4 comments on “Me-109 Fighter Plane

  1. strider_mt2k

    I swear, you guys and your cheese slopes.
    I didn’t even know what one WAS until I bookmarked this site!

    I go to my sister’s place on Christmas day, her kids are running around and there’s a partially completed Lego set on the floor.
    I sit down after breakfast and the first thing I spot?
    A cheese slope.

    All I know is I better order a big bag of these useful little things at this point so I can hang out with you guys. ;)

    Oh yeah, the airplane is stunning. I knew what kind on sight!
    Very nice how all the critical lines are there, even in Lego.

    Well done, as always!

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