Pacific rescue

Check out this diorama by Ciamoslaw Ciamek that depicts the rescue of the pilot of a crashed Corsair in the Pacific WWII inspired by this painting.

9 comments on “Pacific rescue

  1. TheBrickster

    What an excellent diorama. This is really impressive. I love the large pontoon plane, esp. how it’s placed in the water. The island is equally nice with the lush trees and greenery. Nice job creating the diorama from the inspiration image. It would have been really humorous to use the old blue sea plane as the wreckage.

  2. Foamrider

    I love this thing. I am a sucker for well done historical MOCs.
    I can imagine the Catalina moving through the water, the pilot bobbing in the waves, and the Japanese running down the beach.

  3. Natman (Bonzy)

    *It was on Klocki a while back. Still brilliant.*
    I can’t agree more! I especially love the swell on the water. However, I do think the US insignia on the planes could have been improved, perhaps with the use of ‘jumper’ plates to even out the spacing. I also like how it’s not just a simpe square, that it’s an irregular shaped base.

  4. Shmails

    Yes, I have seen this before, but that did not stop me from starring at the pictures again in amazement. The waves makes this a unique design!

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