Australian 86-wheel road train

British builder Ed Diment (who you may remember for his 22ft long model of the USS Intrepid) worked with TBB’s own Ralph Savelsberg – a master of Miniland scale brick-built vehicles – to create this awe-inspiring Australian road train. If you’ve ever done the great Australian road trip, you may have run into one of these behemoths bombing down the long lonely highways between the country’s major cities …and then wondered how on earth you were gonna safely overtake it!

Road trains down under usually come in double or triple trailer combinations, so I’m not sure on the legality of the douple-triple that Ed and Ralph have put together here! The way the green and yellow stripes on the cab continue along the tops of all the trailers adds a nice color accent to what might otherwise be an entirely monochromatic model. And check out this stowaway that the driver found hanging off the back of his rig:

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