First image of 7752 Count Dooku’s Solar Sailer [News]

It seems pretty official that we’ll be seeing Count Dooku’s Solar Sailer hitting the shelves soon according to a catalog scan now appearing in multiple Brickshelf galleries. The release is marked February on the scan.

16 comments on “First image of 7752 Count Dooku’s Solar Sailer [News]

  1. David4

    I have no clue what the ship is really supposed to look like, but I have to say, that’s pretty neat. Nice to see something new from the rehashed to death Star Wars line.

  2. JimmytheJ

    I’m guessing there’ll be no sail, unless it’s fabric. TLC is lazy like that.
    It’s probably from the clone wars CGI (In this case, “Childish Gimmick Imagery”) Thingy.

    Weird coincidence. I was watching episode two last night (commenting on the bad acting/weird dialogue) and though about this as a set.

  3. aussieblockhead

    What’s the connection with the Power House Museum info in the top right hand corner of the pic? I know that there is a “Starwars Science Meets the Imagination” exhibition on… does this mean there might be SW LEGO at the exhibition? Then it’s off to Sydney I go.

  4. EJ

    Well, from the angle they’ve provided, it looks nothing like the Solar Sailer. And its a shame too, because it really is a beautiful ship, with or without the sail. Having said that, it damn well better have the sail.

    I let it go with the Twilight, mostly because it was an ugly ship to begin with, but c’mon guys, I know you can do better. I’m fully aware that there is a middle ground between looks and parts so Lego can keep costs down, but it has to be a happy median, as in keeping us happy too. I’m probably judging this too early, but I truly do hope this isn’t finished, or is just an odd angle, or the colors aren’t all final, because I’m not seeing the Solar Sailer up there right now.

  5. Andrew Anderson

    Yet more Star Wars models, yawn!!!! About time LEGO actually concentrated on some of their other themes like Castle or Batman. The Star Wars stuff is so boring and ridiculously overpriced, why do folk even bother??

  6. Matt

    I can’t tell if it’s reddish-brown, or dark red. Either way it’s always nice to see more parts get produced in those colors.

  7. David4

    The set is new brown and doesn’t have a sail, live with it. A sail would look terrible on the set, I have no clue how LEGO would make it have a sail.

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