Pirate freighter: Calamity Jane

Mike Yoder has been MIA for the past several months, but he’s still alive and building. Check out this 99.5 studs long pirate freighter called Calamty Jane, claimed by the builder to be his most polished work.

10 comments on “Pirate freighter: Calamity Jane

  1. EJ

    99.5? .5 studs shorter than a SHIP? Why go to all that trouble….

    Just kidding, nice ship you got there.

  2. Exxos

    I don’t get the 0.5 shorter than a ship at all. Is there a defined guideline for lego ship classifications? Because 100 studs is like the equivalent of 42 meters or so in mini scale IMS, so what is a “ship.” I would assume a ship would start at about 32 studs as that would be alrger than a starfighter – about courier-size.

    That said, it has lots of great details and techniques, but looks a bit disjointed – like it was made out of parts of four ships that did not go together. It is a medium freighter sized ugly. No offense implied, uglies have their own beauty.

  3. Jacob

    Seriously Huge Investment in Parts

    It refers to ships 100 studs in length and greater, and has all sorts of connotations (hence, the 99.5).

  4. Exxos

    Ah… That makes a modicum of sense. Though “seriously huge” and 100 studs would not be necessarily associated. I have made (crappy) ships well over 200 studs long and they had barely any parts. I imagine if you made a 100 stud Event Horizon, Lexx, or MSD from Star Wars you could go over 100 studs and still avoid a huge amount of parts due to the thin lengths.

    Though in my opinion, I would say a huge investment in parts would be anything that crippled your ability to make anything else provided your supply – so I imagine a lot of us would have to build a 900 stud death star 2 or something to qualify for that.

    But yes, I took it far too literally and I apologize for that.

  5. Mike Yoder

    AS a sci-fi LEGO builder, the SHIP (Seriously Huge Investment in Parts) has taunted me since I joined the online community.Building big in space is different than building big in some of the other genres, in that it relies on massive amounts of specialty pieces, unlike, say castle, where in order to build big you just need massive amounts of basic bricks. it also involves building in the round and structural problems, since it must be able to support its own bulk, unlike, say, a castle that just needs to be able to sit there.

    the 100 stud measurement used to designate the epic from the average is arbitrary, but never the less significant. By building up to but not crossing that threshhold, I am denying its power, I’m “sticking it to the man.”

    Maybe all of these issues will go away once I amass a collection like Exxos. Life is good when you have two 900 stud Death Stars!


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