Tower of torment

Tyler Clites (Legohaulic) deals pain in his latest wonderfully imaginative creation depicting an ominous torture tower nested precariously on a barren rocky landscape. As usual, there’s always new techniques and details to be seen for the first time by all of us in Tyler’s new creations. Note the dead trees featuring black droid arms and hand pieces and the slanted effect of the tower sections.

12 comments on “Tower of torment

  1. Tyler (Legohaulic)

    No, there’s no support other than the rock itself. In order to make it structurally sound, I made the entire rock solid. It’s one of my heaviest MOCs but it’s strong enough to be carried by the protruding rock portion with one hand. Even the tower is completely self supporting.

  2. Will Will

    Really cool. I like the cliff — I can never get that kind of support to work for my models. Nice job with the tower, too. Impressive.

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