Official Power Miners website now active [News]

LEGO’s official website for the 2009 Power Miners theme recently became active. Currently available contents include bios on the new rock monsters, a short game, and a fun quiz to see which rock monster you are.

Meanwhile, Brickshelf user alldark has posted a few images of the new minifigs and rock monsters in this gallery.

14 comments on “Official Power Miners website now active [News]

  1. alldarker

    Wow! I made Brothers Brick! Anyhow, more pics to follow tomorrow of sets 8960 and 8957. I have no idea what the names of these sets actually are: it doesn’t say on the box as (I think) it does in the USA.

  2. elmegil

    So has anyone figured out in the little flash game what you have to do to unlock the other two monsters?

  3. Ryan

    ^Where did you get these sets? They look good; more tasty back-and-leg printing for the ‘figs. The rock monsters look a little under-compatible with other system parts; what’s the spring (that you can see at the back through the trans-green) do?

  4. mw

    Has anyone else noticed the poll – “which rock monster is most likely to scare a girl?” does this strike anyone else as horribly sexist?

  5. alldarker

    @Ryan. I got these at the department store “Vroom & Dreesman” in the Netherlands. These department stores aren’t known for their up-to-date Lego sets, so finding these sets there and nowehere else was quite unexpected. Pricing for all sets was very reasonable, considering European prices: 8957 was €7,95 and 8960 was €29,95. The largest set in the theme, the 8961 Big Rig /scooper unit, was €59,95, although I didn’t buy it yet.
    Torso’s are excellent, as are the faces, expexially for set 8960: all four faces are fun and expressive.
    As far as the monster is concerned: you are right, they are VERY incompatible, although the arms should be interchangable with minifig arms. There is in fact no spring in the monsters: they are empty inside and can ‘swallow’ a crystal or comparably small parts. The jaw hinge is actually quite weak: I had expected a clicky hinge, but it’s a currently incompatible hinge I think.

  6. David4

    The prices aren’t too bad considering the other 2009 pricing we have seen.

    Very nice, thanks for the pictures. The sets are weak, the walker is Technic pieces with 4 bricks, but the minifigures are awesome.

  7. Mark Stafford (Nabii)

    The full website, with product information, launches on 4th January, as announced at LEGOWorld in October. This is more of a reduced content teaser because the sets should start turning up in some countries this month and there needed to be some kind of web content for the kids.

  8. Peppermint Pig

    The poll is not sexist. If you view it, there’s a part for boys as well as girls.

    Has anybody figured out what that crystal combination thing is in the flash game?? Does that unlock something??

  9. JimmytheJ

    ^ If you click until all the crystals are yellow, you unlock Sulphurix. He’s yellow and when he eats the boost crystal he uh… performs a bodily function. I haven’t managed to unlock the green one yet.

    If you go: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, it’s all slow-mo. This does bad stuff for score, though.

  10. JimmytheJ

    blue, blue, green, yellow, yellow unlocks Boulderax! (or was it the opposite way around?)

    when he eats the boost crystal, he floats along on his back, and any crystals passed are automatically collected, regardless of height.

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