8 comments on “Huts in town

  1. aussiechef67

    clothes rack
    clothes rack????

    It’s a Clothesline (d’uh) most definetly a Hills Hoist Rotary Clothesline made from galvanised sumthin or other. Great for swinging around on until you got bigger than your brother and it ended up lopsided.

    Or was that just me?

    Nice to see a non-stereo typical piece of Australiana in the lego’d world.


  2. Hank

    Ha! As soon as I saw that Hills Hoist I thought “I wonder if this guy’s an Aussie?”

    Anyway, just brilliant. If I wasn’t home in Melbourne I’d feel homesick :)

    Does induce nostalgia though – between us, my friends and I have rented more than one of these great little places, Hoist included (for the uninitiated, Hoists are best utilised covered with a tarp to protect the barbie from Melbourne’s awesomely retarded weather).

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