14 comments on “Tristan goes the other way

  1. Morgan19

    Interesting that there’s a “stand apart” message portrayed with well-established SNOT and all-one-color-minifig building techniques… The universe is suddenly imploding on itself with the paradox. ;)

  2. Morgan19

    ^ Oops! The browser kept the previous post’s info instead of mine. Can someone update that one so it’s me instead of the blog entry?

  3. wunztwice

    Very well-constructed MOC. Simple, to the point, but somehow it holds your attention.

    As to Josh’s question, I don’t agree whole-heartedly. It is important to discern what the right stance is. To blindly not follow the flow would be, in essence, the same as blindly following the flow.

  4. Ryan

    I agree that one shouldn’t always go with the flow, but should at least deviate while dressed properly. ;)

  5. Gusalagupagoo

    Thank you everyone! Especially Josh, I am so honored to be featured on The Brothers Brick! And yes, I am prone to walking around “au naturale.” ;]
    And if you really don’t get why he’s yellow-skinned, it’s because it’s a chromatic color, where as everything else is neutral colored.
    @wunztwice: Yeah, I don’t think to go against everything for the sake of it is the right thing to do. But I do think that to listen to authority, just because it’s authority, not whether their request is to your ideals, is foolish.

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