Anatomy of a minifig

Jason Freeny, a talented artist and designer, rendered the anatomy of a minifig in stunning detail. Wait, I never knew our minifigs had so much guts, and pretty much everything else is included as well, down to the family jewels.

Check out Jason’s website for more interesting works and deviant art that showcases the artist’s amazing creativity.

Minifig Anatomy

Found by Chuck Citrin (and several other readers who sent us e-mail), via Geekologie.

32 comments on “Anatomy of a minifig

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  2. "Big Daddy" Nelson

    Bloody freaking awesome!! This looks to be a new work. I hope that he makes a poster of this (or t-shirt or other swag) available in his shop.

  3. Jai

    It looks as if the only internal concession to the nature of the minifig is the U-shaped hands… everything else just doesn’t seem right. Especially since there are skeleton minifigs, I suppose. I’d have liked to see this kind of a diagram of an actual LEGO skeleton with these guts.

    Oh well! It’s… interesting!

  4. dita

    Misses the mark for me. The internal detail is too… fussy. And Jai is right, there is already a skele-fig that could be (literally) fleshed out.

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  8. Morgan19

    The super-detail is part of the charm! If it was just the cut-away fig with a skeleton fig inside it, it would be nearly as neat/disturbing.

    Agreed that the skull needs a stud, though.


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  10. capmorel

    SUCH A RIPOFF !!!!

    google this: Michael Paulus cartoon skeletons or Hyungkoo Lee cartoon skeletons sculptures.

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  16. eti

    Jason used to sell T-shirts with this awesome design on Zazzle (I own one). But Zazzle kicked it off the site due to ‘possible copyright infringement’. I wonder why – did Lego copyright their minifig to such an extent that you can’t make (and sell) parody drawings? I find that hard to believe.

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