Creepy minifigs

Jamie Spencer (Morgan19) came up with some creepy minifigs for the Halloween minifig contest on Fine Clonier forums. These figs use a combination of custom and standard LEGO parts in creative ways and each has a unique eerie personality.

Click the picture below to access the Brickshelf gallery for quick viewing, or you can check them out in Jamie’s Flickr photostream for captions.

14 comments on “Creepy minifigs

  1. Patrick

    When Edmund McMillen says: It’s peanut-butter jelly time!”, every gosh diddly darn person on the North-Western continent sits down and has a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich.

  2. Patrick

    Where’d the yellow skull used in the guy with the pickax come from?
    And the black royal gaurd mask?
    And the red knight helmet?

  3. Morgan19

    Thanks for the post, Nannan.

    @Patrick: The photos on Flickr have notes concerning those very pieces. :) The yellow skull is the regular white Castle ’08 skull colored yellow with a sharpie marker. The black royal guard mask is a standard red one I painted black. The knight helmet is a Little Armory helmet I painted red.


  4. Josh

    @mahj – You do realize that these were created for a Custom contest right? That in order to enter, Morgan had to customize these figs?

    @Morgan19 – Good job! I think the four-armed samurai is my favorite.

  5. mahj

    Perhaps my last comment was out of line. Gotta give credit where credit is due, they ARE good creations. Creepy as hell, and thematically well thought out.

    But yeah, modifying lego is still an instant NO to me.

  6. Andrew

    Despite mainly only building “purist” creations myself, I find militant purism eye-rollingly boring.

    Great job, Jamie. Keep it up!

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