Next BrickFest to be held in Portland, Oregon March 26-29, 2009 [News]

As I mentioned briefly at the end of Nannan’s post about BrickCon Day 3, the original LEGO fan convention, BrickFest, will be back in March 2009.

Here’s the full story from event organizer Steve Barile (no relation to Steve Witt, having delicious fries at right):

Where: Portland, OR at the Oregon Convention Center, Hall A
When: March 26-29, 2009 (setup: Th, convention: Fr-Sn)
Hotel: Red Lion Hotel (mention BRICKFEST for room block rate)
Who: All AFOLs!

YES, it’s that time again! Join us for the 3rd Portland BrickFest back at the OCC Hall A and the RED LION, and all the Burgerville you can stand to eat! From all the AFOL feedback we have received asking when the next BrickFest is, we are expecting a great turnout from all the familiar faces, as well as all the new AFOLs that have joined our community in the last couple years! Wow, I can’t believe it been two years!

It’s easy to get to the OCC & Red Lion: ~$2 for a MAX light rail ride form the airport; so no rental car needed. Once downtown MAX is free, so enjoy the many fine restaurants and microbrew pubs that make Portland a fine place to visit!


Steve Barile


Q: Has BrickFest changed formats?
A: Nope! We believe that the current BrickFest format works great and we are keeping it the same. Of course we strive to make the event the best possible and make tweaks as needed.

Q: Is there a public expo this time?
A: Yes, there will be a public expo on Sunday afternoon only, same as last time. BrickFest is for the AFOLs; there is no rush to set up the displays, so have fun attending sessions, arranging and rearranging MOCs, and goofing off!

Q: Will there be workshops and sessions?
A: Of course! There are so many topics to discuss and share and MOCs to see, we’ll be expecting many of you to volunteer to give talks and host round tables etc. — one of BrickFest’s assets is the sharing of the tribal knowledge.

Q: When can I register?
A: Registration will begin January 1st 2009 (for book-keeping purposes), but mark your calendars, I already rented the OCC!

Q: Is Christina Hitchcock involved?
A: Christina is completely behind BrickFest ’09 and will be taking an advisory position.

BrickFest 2007 was only my second LEGO convention, and I had a fantastic time hanging out with the friends I’d made at BrickCon 2006:

BrickFest 2007 had one of the most amazing LEGO Castle displays I’ve ever seen:

Erik Varszegi unveiled 10179 UCS Millenium Falcon at BrickFest 2007:

I’m not sure I’m ready to begin planning another Zombie Apocafest (which might have to wait until BrickCon 2009 next October), but I’m really looking forward to attending BrickFest as an out-of-towner.

Check out the action from BrickFests past in the BrickFest pool on Flickr.

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  1. wunztwice

    Well, Erin and I (and, yes, Thomas too…) have already been talking about it, and it looks like its a good possibility. It mostly depends upon available funds, but you can bet I’m volunteering if I do go! Now to go plan… ; )

  2. Starwars4J

    This is slightly disappointing. I’m thrilled BF is coming back, but I was hoping for DC, as I definitely won’t have the time to fly out to Oregon in March

  3. Tracy Dale

    YES! I’m so excited to read that the next BF will be in my old stomping grounds of Portland! We plan to be there for sure! Finally, another great reason to travel from Florida to Oregon! YAY!


  4. Robin

    Yes, I was wondering, is this an adult only event? or can TFOLS contribute as well? I’m willing to put my fire apparattus on a layout should anyone want them.

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