relaunches with M21, baseball bat, and Lee-Enfield [News]

Recent visitors to the BrickArms Web site will have noticed the intriguing message that they’ll be back soon with new products.

Just in time for BrickCon 2008, the site is now back online with all-new items, including:

We’ll of course have full coverage of other new BrickArms products announced at BrickCon in the coming days.

14 comments on “ relaunches with M21, baseball bat, and Lee-Enfield [News]

  1. Will Thomas

    After lookin’ at all of the new Brickarms guns and accesories, my favorite is definitely the bipod, which is so cool. My real reason for leaving this comment though was to look at the pages of these 2 MOCpages builders, [pretty sure they don’t do Flickr or Brothers Brick] who I think should at least deserve consideration for a post or two. The two guys are Martin BB [ – look in his space folder as well as his Future/Sci-Fi] and Firas Abu-Jabar []



  2. Carter

    My socks are still knocked off from when I saw them at BrickFair. I have been sockless for over a month.

  3. David

    Oddly you say that Athos, I too love the bat. There is a new LEGO Store in South Shore Plaza in the South End of Boston (Mass, USA) and the first 300 people to spend $35 next Sunday will get a baseball player minifigure. Here’s what it says…

    Plus, on Sunday, October 12:
    Be one of the first 300 customers to spend $35 in the LEGO Store and you’ll receive an exclusive, limited-edition LEGO Baseball Player set! This set was created just for the opening of our South Shore Plaza Store, and is not available for sale! The baseball player features a red hat, red socks [I would like to know how they will do that], white uniform and even includes home plate!

  4. Starwars4J

    Actually David, they never said figure ;) It’s miniland-scale

    That store happens to be 10 minutes away from me, so I’m definitely going. I’ll probably be volunteering there as well, as they did ask.

  5. Doctor Sinister

    I’m pleased to observe that they have reached the UK via Andy Watts and Minifig For Life – he tells me I’m the first to get my hands on them over here. They are really nice, the Lee Enfield especially, but I can envisage lots of uses for the baseball bats as well – and I don’t mean hitting a ball.

    Does anyone know of a place I can get British Army WWII style helmets?

    Dr. S.

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  7. wunztwice

    I didn’t realize Josh was giving my wife Bunny Ears in that photo. I’m gonna have to have a talk with him…

  8. dinod8

    ok, ok, i’m calm. I really don’t like it though. I needed at least one MP5 and at least 2 G36’s! WHY GET RID OF THEM OBX? WHY??? the zombie defense has a knife, but otherwise it’s barely ok! PLEASE GET THE G36/MP5 BACK!!!!

  9. Clint in Cali.

    I was looking for the MP5, MP7, G36, and some other weapons…
    BUT THEY WERE RETIRED!! Hopefully the molds were retired, and he’ll get some more…

    But that’s unfortunate!

  10. Adam

    I went on the site a while ago and absolutely LOVED the MP7 but it was retired i love the new sniper cause the old one was a little bulky
    by the time i got permission to buy some of the guns i got on and saw the new sniper (fabuless work by the way Will).I was like finally a better sniper.However, the MP7 and MP5 were gone when it said “closed to restock for 2009” i was hoping there would be new legos and more MP5 and MP7’s then i looked again and was once again displeased come on i was willing to buy 5 of each plus tons more stuff.i decided to comment and hopefully get a reply about why the most popular guns are retired…i dont mean to be rude but they were the main reason i even came here that and i saw the guns on and i loved all the modern stuff . PLEASE RESPOND.

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