Announcing the Reasonably Clever Spooky Star Wars Contest [w00t!]

Having just announced winners for the Brick Science contest, Reasonably Clever is now co-hosting a new contest with TK 1420.

The Spooky Star Wars Contest challenges you to build a spookified Star Wars vehicle, a scene, an impulse-size creation, or the death of Jar-Jar Binks. (I’m sure we’ve all dreamed of ways that would go down.)

Judges include Steve Sansweet and Mary Franklin from Lucasfilm, as well as TK 1420 and Chris Doyle.

You can win some out-of-circulation LEGO Star Wars sets, so what’re you still doing reading this? Get building!

3 comments on “Announcing the Reasonably Clever Spooky Star Wars Contest [w00t!]

  1. Timothy Ratner

    Awesome, I’ll get right to work on my entry. I’m going to try and go for the Class 3 prize, I wanted that set so much when I was younger(even though it’s a small set).

  2. The_Doughboy

    Where can I see the winners of the Brick Science competition? I couldn’t find them on that website.

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