Giant Rocketeer mosaic by Dave Ware

Seeing The Rocketeer back in 1991 was my first exposure to the concept of retro-futurism. Dave Ware has recreated the wonderful art deco look of the movie poster as a LEGO mosaic:

A few key facts from Dave’s post on the brickwares blog:

  • There are 30,672 studs in the mosaic.
  • 3.75 feet wide and 5.5 feet tall.
  • It took 70 hours to complete.
  • The parts alone would likely cost $1,000.

If you’re interested in how Dave created his mosaic, check out several in-progress updates and photos on the brickwares blog.

8 comments on “Giant Rocketeer mosaic by Dave Ware

  1. wunztwice

    Oh my! Rocketeer is one of my favorite-ist movies of all time!!! (And for those of you who are skeptical, I have a Bachelor’s in Film Studies)

    This Mosaic is going on my favorites list for sure. The Art Deco look is captured brilliantly. Hat’s off to Mr. Ware.

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