Deep in the rather moist lair of Doctor Dank, evil goes green...

In another last-minute entry for the Reasonably Clever Brick Science contest, Moritz Nolting gives us “Doctor Dank” and his submarine lair.

Here’s the fairly fishy Professor Dankervoort:

And the lair as it would appear to an intrepid agent bent on infiltrating the mad scientist’s domain:

Don’t miss more pictures in Moritz’ Flickr photostream or the full gallery on Brickshelf.

10 comments on “Deep in the rather moist lair of Doctor Dank, evil goes green...

  1. Chris Weagel

    Lego seems intent on making playsets for a large portion of their product line. Why can’t they come up with something half as imaginative, attractive, and inviting as this?

  2. Chris Weagel

    No I’d group things like the Agents sets in the category of shallow playset. From the concept to the execution they look like millions of other predictable toys available from millions of other companies.

    The level of imagination and originality in this MOC is something Lego should aspire to. It demonstrates the strengths of their product: infinite expandability and configuration, aesthetic uniqueness, and unexpectedness.

    This creation starts with a familiar premise, the mad doctor’s lair, but executes it in a wonderfully surprising way. You really want to keep looking at it, play with it, make it etc. Compared to this, the Agents set looks like Lego picked from a list of James Bond scenarios and said: eh, good enough.

    The company is capable of it. They produce a good amount of sets that already accomplish this. Sets that surprise you and make you want to enter their world and return to it again and again.

  3. Zepher

    Haha. I was considering contacting you about this last night, but it grew to late. It was to late for the contest, which is tragic, but it’s still an incredible build.

  4. Starwars4J

    Really great build here, the x-pod use is obviously great, giving it a real under-water vibe, not to mention the phenomenal integration into the rocks. Definitely something I wish LEGO would get into more

  5. nolnet

    Hey, thank you everyone. These are surely the most flattering comments I ever got. Highly exeggarated of cause, but I’m really glad you like it.

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