Redondo Fuentes’ RASHER battlemech stands tall

Most very large yellow and black mecha stomp around and build stuff in futuristic cities. Not this one by Redondo Fuentes (Flickr | Brickshelf)!

No, this one stomps around and blows stuff up.

Excellent use of the Space Skulls stickers!

(Another hat-tip to Fisch and his friend Forest. ;-) )

3 comments on “Redondo Fuentes’ RASHER battlemech stands tall

  1. redondofuentes

    Ramone —

    A squad might set you back a bit. I am putting the street value (of this mountain – sorry, Better Off Dead reference) to be between 90 and $110. I am going to build an inventory at bricklink to figure it out for shizzle.

    Andrew —

    Thanks for the hit, the agency is honored!

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