The Dave Shaddix Home for Wayward Girls

LEGO Dollhouse by Heather

I’m breaking an old rule and a brand new one here. Brothers Brick debutante Heather (Flickr) shows the boys how to do it with her super detailed Doll’s House. In break from tradition I borrowed its name for the blog post because, quite frankly, it’s awesome.

Credit to Shannon Ocean and Mastergongfu for the heads up.

17 comments on “The Dave Shaddix Home for Wayward Girls

  1. Andrew

    ^ Agreed. More diversity in bloggable creations, I say!

    (Tim, I added a hat tip to Mastergongfu, who actually sent me a link to this a while ago. I just hadn’t gotten around to sharing it with the rest of you or blogging it myself.)

  2. Heather LEGOgirl

    I have to give credit to Dave Shaddix for the awesome title of this dollhouse. It totally gives it street cred. ;)

  3. nolnet

    Heather, your dollhouse rocks so hard, I won’t even start trying to describe it. And I love your style of writing. Or is it smacking? Awesome. It actually made me think of joining mocpages, just to be part of it :-)
    You don’t happen to have a flickr account as well, do you? Damn…

  4. Andrew

    ^ I’d just encountered her on Flickr last night. Added a link to her Flickr page.

    (Dang, I’m all about editing this post today, aren’t I? My work here is done…)

  5. Heather LEGOgirl

    Sorry Andrew to make you work so hard. I’ll send the bribe money out to you guys soon. MOCpages is my home site but I’ve been discovering Flickr lately. It scares and confuses me, so I love it.

  6. Heather LEGOgirl

    I actually did over-order on the black and white 1×1 tiles so I’m drowning in ’em right now. And the pain that will be taking that floor apart was all I could think about while I was laying it down.

  7. Marke Merciless

    I use a Fedora to get tiles off, although the brim would be ruined after doing over a hundred probably…

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