Yellow box on wheels

RailBox car

Train MOCs are frequently accused of being nothing but boxes on wheels. While this is usually true a little texture goes a long way as the above model indicates. See more from this builder.

Highlight this line for builder’s name: Swoofty

PS. I’m trying a little experiment at the moment and leaving out direct mention of the builder’s name (it can be found in their gallery). I think it’s nice to give us a chance to judge the model regardless of its creator.

9 comments on “Yellow box on wheels

  1. SteveV

    I like not seeing the builders name in the post; the models should stand on their own accord. Please keep this up Gambort.

    Beautiful texturing on the boxcar BTW.

  2. lenny

    First – thanks for posting this – as a space builder, I think looking at train creations is a great way for new ideas on breaking up shapes and creative designs.

    Second – Including the builder’s name should always be a part of the post. In an artistic medium like LEGO, recognizing the builder as well as the model is important. It helps the builder recognize what they’ve done is good and helps others refer to her/him in the future for reference/inspiration.

    Perhaps including their name at the end of the post, rather than in the title or first, could serve same purpose without hiding the name. I usually don’t click past BB, but I love looking at the photos here and taking note of who the hottest builders are.

  3. julencin2000

    To those who think train MOC are nothing but boxes on wheels, I dare them ^.^ to set up a decent train MOC: more difficult than expected, believe me.

    Cheers for the yellow car!

  4. Ryan

    I agree that the builder’s names should be on the post, just not necessarily at the top. The people whose computers are slow/can’t access Flickr, etc. won’t be able to see it.

  5. Gambort Post author

    Thanks for your thoughts on credit. I do want to encourage people to judge the creation on its own merits but I also appreciate how important credit is. I should note that I consider myself having definitely given credit, just not by name.

    As an interim solution I’ll either try the white text spoiler approach or adding the builder’s name to the first comment.

  6. Swoofty

    It’s possible, in this internet age, that I have 15 alias and ‘swoofty’ is only the name I use to build trains. I feel the credit gives a built in expectation over time. If I see a post from Nnenn, I know what standards to expect and I can see the way his techniques have evolved. However, if it’s not up to what I consider ‘Nnenn’s standards’ through past experience, I’ll feel let down in some way. Ultimately a good creation will warrant study, no matter the builder.

    PS-sorry for picking on nnenn; he’s never let me down.

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