LoP Aquanaut 1 Dive Suit by Tim Zarki

With so much amazing stuff to blog, I sometimes feel like we don’t feature the smaller creations often enough. I really think small creations take a lot of talent to design well, which is one reason why I like Tim Zarki‘s dive suit so much:

This would be perfect for, you know, hunting underwater zombies. ;-)

12 comments on “LoP Aquanaut 1 Dive Suit by Tim Zarki

  1. nolnet

    Nice suit, that looks like heavy duty stuff. And a very good photo/lighting as well! It somehow adds a realistic submarine feeling to it. (As if I ever were submarine and knew what I was talking about…)

  2. Fisch

    I have to make some of these for my Sci-Fi Brikwars army, they would fit right in! Ach! Es gefällt mir so! Now I’m excited! Please excuse me while I go build!

    4 thumbs up!

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