Body-building with Cthulhu

Fedde (aka Cthulhu or Karf Oolhu) enters the Reasonably Clever Brick Science contest with “The lunatic’s lunar lair”:

“Deep in his heavily fortified lunar lair, the lunatic Doktor Frank N. Staines plays re-creator of life.” Click through to the Flickr photopage to read Fedde’s full description, and see the Brickshelf gallery for more pictures.

3 comments on “Body-building with Cthulhu

  1. Fisch

    If my friend Forest and I see a moc (generally on brickshelf) that looks very good in our opinion, then we will bet eachother that it will or will not be featured on the brothers brick in the next two days.

    I wonder what lies beneath the cold metal lid of grey.

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