Racer Mechs roundup

The racer mechs started by Legohaulic have inspired various versions created by other builders. The simple and sturdy design of the basic frame (building instructions) allows for much diversity to these runner machines, as you can see below.

Mechs from top left created by: Legohaulic, Proudlove, Nannan, arpy , peterlmorris , Legohaulic, -: Evo :-, Hase0, PyreĆ’yre, and legovaughan.

But that’s not all folks, there’s certainly a few more that you should check out. See them all in the flickr Racer Mecha pool.

6 comments on “Racer Mechs roundup

  1. Fisch

    I wonder why builders are so eager to create more genres(could I say?) for the lego community. Seems a bit odd, it does.
    I personally enjoy that first red one by Legohaulic, Nannan’s, and the blue one with the turbines by peterlmorris.

  2. gifboy99

    Wow, these are much better than the racing mech I built back in ’06. (Never was satisfied with it.) The bare-bones frame allows for a good degree of variation I see. It’d be cool to see some frames for other mech types as well. :)

    For the few who may be interested, I’ve linked my name to the page with my mech.

  3. Dbricked_Out

    Hey Im sure you all are over this by now, but in case you’re not, Im a lego fan (obvious) and im trying to track down some sets where i can get some of these pieces to try my hand at this mecha racer….

    I do realize that this was quite some time about, nonetheless still interested…


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