Coming out at the Christopher Day Parade

Working my way further back through Moritz N‘s photostream, I encountered this great vignette highlighting the importance of being tolerant:

Moritz says:

Although there are still incurable boneheads in both the dwarf and the troll society, Gnork and Shroeder finally summon up the courage to come out of secrecy.

Living their relationship freely they join the Cristopher Street Day parade to demontrate for tolerance and equal opportunities.

Go Gnork and Shroeder, go!

6 comments on “Coming out at the Christopher Day Parade

  1. Fisch

    Bravo! Sie sind erstaunlich! Great use of pieces. I was actually thinking about this when my girlfriend and I were at the GSA meeting yesterday after school.

  2. Craig

    GSA is an acronym for the Gay-Straight Alliance, a student group that promotes acceptance and tolerance of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) people

  3. nolnet

    Ah, I see.
    Too bad there are no female trolls, I’d love to build a straight troll-dwarf couple as well. Although, there might be female dwarfs—you never know what’s behind all the beard and armor :-)

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