Playin’ Pooh Sticks, Troll-Style!

Sly Owl just posted a peaceful diorama of two friends and their game. Having actually played Pooh Sticks myself, I can vouch for the mind-numbing addictiveness of the game. Awesome job, Owl, gotta love Pooh Sticks!

9 comments on “Playin’ Pooh Sticks, Troll-Style!

  1. indyjones

    looks funny.har har. i get the feeling that the giant is tempted to throw the troll of the bridge.hehe good job.

  2. Andrew

    I suspect that the troll will win, regardless of whether or not the goblin’s stick reaches the far side of the bridge first. ;-)

  3. Shannon Young

    We used to play that with beer cans we’d just emptied. And then try to hit the beer cans with rocks after they emerged from underneath the bridge. Now I feel bad that I littered.

  4. Le'pena

    That has to be the best vig I’ve ever had the divine pleasure of placing my eyes on.

    Pooh sticks ftw.

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