Andrew Lee breaks the Rules

Or does he? Andrew takes the current Nascar fad and turns it on its head. This makes it a lot more interesting in my book…

Thanks to Curtis for getting our rear in gear on this one.

20 comments on “Andrew Lee breaks the Rules

  1. Foamrider

    I would definitely watch NASCAR if the cars where like this! I do like how he mixed colors.

  2. Fisch

    It reminds me more of mad max or doomsday, which, I suppose are both very similar to this new film. If you ask me, it needs a big engine sticking out of the front or the back. The back seems to be too uniform and empty on the back of the cabin.

  3. yokomode01

    This Nascar does not break the rules of the `fad`.
    i will go with – Or does he?
    Its a very nice version of the Nascar idea indeed.
    And as noted above, very Deathrace or Mad Max…..

  4. Josh Post author

    @Repoort – I’m not sure what you are referring to. I rechecked the links and they are working for me. Anyone else have any problems?

  5. Ben

    @ Josh

    I thinks he mean the preview-pictures in the Article. And they was
    terrible. Now they are better.

  6. Curtis

    @Josh – I think what Repoort meant was the picture displayed on TBB was of poorer quality than what is displayed on Andrews flickr. Most likely due to resizing the imagine for the blog. The pixels got a little blown up.

  7. Josh Post author

    @Ben and Curtis – That’s for clarifying, I’m sure that’s what he meant. I did have some troubles with the picture. When he said “awful” pics I was thinking something else. ;) I’ve been dealing with spammers a lot lately on another site.

  8. Brent

    I guess there are a lot of youngin’s around here that are refrencing the soon to be released Death Race, but for my money, it’s very Mad Max 2/Road Warrior.

  9. Josh Post author

    @Repoort – I didn’t mean you were a spammer. :) I meant that when you said the pictures were awful, I automatically thought that I’d linked to some porn link. I’ve been dealing with a bunch of porn spam on another site. Get me now? :D

    Btw, I’m really bad at putting faces with usernames. When did we meet?

  10. Repoort

    At NWBC last year I hung out in the castle “interior circle” for a while and put together that diesel truck creator set. I also carried around a large red lego sphere for most of the weekend. That cool guy, remember?

  11. Josh Post author

    @ Repoort – Adam! Of course, I remember you. I looked through your Flickr photostream until I found a picture of you.

    For some reason I have this block when it comes to people’s online names and their real ones. I have met people at conventions and then not known for two years who they were online. :oops: Its been rather embarrassing. :)

  12. Repoort

    Yes, you are rather embarrassing……having a name sound SO much like somebody who’s…somewhat famous…but you aren’t nearly as cool. That’s okay though, you can still sit at my lunch table..

  13. Josh Post author

    @Repoort – I know I’m not as cool as him, but somehow I survive. Thanks for letting me sit at your table though. I’ll keep that in mind. See you at BrickCon?

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